Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day Attire

I love snow days. Having grown up in Maine, it brings me back to my childhood excitement at getting to stay home from school to build snowmen and take part in neighborhood snowball fights all leading up to warm hot chocolate with my sisters in our kitchen. My version of what a snow day means has changed but I still feel like a kid when those white flakes cover the city streets. I can't help but stay in bed as I anxiously hold my breath waiting for the oh-so-important "we won't be open today" text message that so rarely seems to come. These days, a snow day looks more like taking calls from home as opposed to the office with the perk of having my favorite mug of coffee hot in my hand followed by baking with any ingredients I have laying around. Most importantly, the winter freeze means wearing fabulously comfortable and cozy attire all day (I'm talking an L.L. Bean matching plaid pajama set....until I leave the house, of course).

Here is what I chose as my "snow day friendly" budget attire
hat / gap jacket (old but similar here) / sweater / chambray shirt / black jeans / hunter wellies

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