A 32-year old Baltimore resident and New England native, I reside in a tiny row home with my husband Cory, our amazing son Crosby and gremlin of a bulldog, Winnie. I am a corporate event planner, development professional and marketing aficionado by day, obsessed fashion admirer and dedicated budgetista by night. I love all things chic style down to the jewelry on my wrists, mint flavor in a homemade whoopie pie and pattern of the brick on my back deck but as a young professional, I know all to well what it's like to not be able to afford all of the most fabulous things one admires. Through the years, I have come to appreciate the ability to have great style while living on a budget. More than anything, I enjoy a good challenge that allows me to scour the depths of the internet or a department store basement to find what I want so while I might drool over the must-have things in life, I also believe there is nothing more rewarding than tracking them down for a fraction of what someone else might pay. It takes patience, the ability to negotiate like a seasoned lawyer, an eye for what "could be" and in my case, a bloodhound-like desire to hunt each fashion scent that I adore.

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