Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Real vs. Deal: Gladiator Sandals

If you are anything like me, even the tiniest hint of nice weather makes you automatically go into the "summer clothes" mindset. In my case, I am already thinking about oh-so-important staples to go with the travel plans I have lined up for the next few months, which also gets me thinking about my first fashion love, sandals. I adore the look of these 2013 collection Stuart Weitzman gladiators with celebrities like Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss and Kourtney Kardashian sporting them everywhere but the price tag is just too hefty for me to pull the trigger on purchasing them. It's almost been a year and I am still in love with these amazing sandals, which is always a good indication that they should be mine so I started searching for more affordable options. Thanks to DSW, I think I found the perfect substitute for the real thing! For only $44.95, I found these identical gladiators from GC Shoes and I honestly can't tell the difference between the two except for the major cost savings, can you?