Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day of Thanks

I don't know about all of you but today, I bake (and arrange table centerpieces).
Happy Thanksgiving, budgetista's!

Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Starbucks Glitter Cup

It's almost time for the holidays and I'm getting in the spirit with this very simple DIY project that I have been dying to try. As a year-round iced coffee drinker, I've owned this clear cup for awhile now but I am always looking for a more stylish way to keep my hands warm and carry coffee during those chilly months. When I originally saw a picture of these amazing glitter Starbucks tumblers on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one and I love the way it turned out. If you want to recreate this great project yourself, just follow the easy steps and DIY "necessary items" list below!

{all from Michaels for $12.96} gold flake glitter (similar here) / tacky glue / mini gold glitter for any "fill" areas / brush

{DIY} Glitter Cup in 6 Simple Steps
{Step 1} purchase an acrylic cold cup tumbler from Starbucks (must be the kind with two detachable cups)
{Step 2} add glue around the outer portion of the inside cup & start pouring the glitter around those glued areas
{Step 3} continue the process above until the entire cup is covered
{Step 4} fill in any gaps with the smaller gold glitter so the entire cup is covered
{Step 5} let the cup dry in a place where it won't be bumped our moved
{Step 6} lastly, glue the two cups together by adding tacky glue around the portion where it screws closed

Friday, November 22, 2013

Real vs. Deal: Transport Tote

You have likely already spotted this Madewell transport tote on the blog many times (last seen here) because it's one of my most prized style possessions. I wear this bag everywhere and with everything but purchasing it wasn't easy on a budgetista like myself because of the $168 price tag. That's why when I came across this twin to the Madewell version, I knew I had to share it. Mod Cloth's inside-haute bag is so similar in appearance that you might not even be able to tell them apart and still has the great rustic appeal that the transport tote exudes. For only $59.99, you really can't go wrong and this is a bag you will use forever (or for as long as it lasts)....enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Look for Less: Frends Headphones

images thanks to Welcome to Legs and Pinterest

If you like music as much as I do, you understand the importance of good headphones and for that reason, I adore these amazing metallic version from Frends. I love how they are bulky and cover the entire ear but most importantly, the gold metallic just makes a huge style statement. I really covet the Taylor gold ones but whether it's those, the Layla rose gold or any other version, for that matter, I would treat them like an expensive dress that garners it's own corner of the closet. They are a simple and attractive way to listen to music but each also comes with a hefty price tag of close to $199. I need to own these and at some point, I might be lucky enough to but until that time, I've managed to uncover a few more affordably chic options that everyone can splurge on....enjoy!

1. Asos $32.04 / 2. Forever 21 $19.80 / 3. Yoox $75

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Look for Less: Leather

{inspiration images from pinterest}

We all love seeing what celebrities are wearing and with their endless budgets to purchase fantastic-looking wardrobes, they manage to always look chic but the truth is, that just isn't realistic for everyone. Leather pleated skirts have become a style staple lately and whether they are worn casually or for a glamorous night out, each option gives a natural edge for your everyday look. The inspiration above gives a great taste to how a leather skirt can be worn while the look for less gets you the fashion you crave for a fraction of the price.

 1.  H&M $29.95 / 2. Sheinside $21.97 / 3. Asos $32.04 / 4. ChicWish $33.92 / 5. H&M $24.95

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Real vs. Deal

Plaid is in! I am loving this tartan pant look with a loose blouse for work or more casually for the weekend with a white tshirt and military jacket. Every fashion power house has a version of these pants for fall each with small and subtle differences in look and price for your own personal style. However you wear them, these pants are fantastic and can certainly be a cheap steal if you find the right ones. I've looked through many options and fell in love with the TopShop Tartan Cigarette Pants featured on Polyvore but found a more affordable and almost identical pant from H&M for just $24.95. Will you go for real or the deal?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mini S'more Pies

Looking for an easy Sunday baking project? Look no further because this is it! I ran into these great like Keebler mini graham pie shells while grocery shopping and couldn't resist the urge to get them despite not having any gathering in the near future to bake them for. I wasn't quite sure what I would use them for until I realized we still had marshmallows from making s'mores over the summer and that's when a light bulb went off. S'more pies, quite simply, are a bakers dream because they are simple to make and they taste fantastic. I followed this simple recipe from Iowa Girl Eats but made a few addendum's including using chocolate chips as opposed to Nestle bars and for the topping, I mixed chocolate syrup with the chips, honey and fall themed sprinkles to add a festive touch.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Real vs. Deal

I fell madly in love with this Combination dress when I saw it online for the Fall at Zara. I loved the light fabric and color blocking not to mention the cobalt and black together. This just isn't an every day dress and it's appeal is that it's a look for all seasons since it can easily be worn in the summer with sandals, fall with flats or the winter with tights and boots. Sadly enough, I ordered a size too small myself and couldn't exchange the dress because it was so popular that it sold out. Not to worry though because my fashion fail is your gain in the form of this almost IDENTICAL Black Contrast Dress from Sheinside that took me months to find. For only $23, this is beyond worth the purchase and the perfect deal!