Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation Getaway

I took some time off this last weekend for a quick trip to Cape May with my husband. We had never been before and are used to the rocky beaches of Maine but we had a great time! Cape May has an interesting vibe, it's a bit like Martha's Vineyard meets Ocean City. There is something for everyone in the restaurant department (nicer restaurants, hot dog windows and then typical bar food) with the normal highrise hotels (typical of Ocean City) but then there are B&B's with lovely old structural detail and features that remind me so much of the famous gingerbread cottages on the Vineyard. It was lovely to get out of the city for the weekend and even more lovely to go somewhere I had never been, especially considering there was beach involved.

Being back at my work desk on this Tuesday reminds me of how much I already miss barefoot morning walks on the beach, strong iced coffees from the local beach cafe, live music playing everywhere and cold drinks on the equally fabulous porch.

So here they are, four things I enjoyed most about Cape May

  #1 - there are rows and rows of great little stands right off the beach with AMAZING shopping finds

                     #2 - friendship bracelets still exist here and I snagged two colorful ones for just $5

#3 - you are allowed to take part in acting, playing and eating like a child again

#4 - the white-sand beaches, of course!

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