Sunday, July 28, 2013

Raise the Curtain

I really like the look of a dress that opens either in the back, a bit on the side or a tiny amount in the front. It reveals a little something but is still eye-catching and comfortable to wear. When I saw this great Scenic View dress from Madewell, I knew I had to have it...or something like it, at least. I loved the draped effect in the back and thought it was perfect for a day to night look but the issue was the PRICE! It got me searching around and low-and-behold, I found this great and much cheaper option from Mod Cloth. Although it's made from lighter material, it looks fantastic on and is a steal for almost $100 less than the inspiration dress. Happy wearing and saving, of course!

The Inspiration                       Look for less

Inspiration Look -  Scenic View Dress
Look for Less - Scallop Dress

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