Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Furniture Facelift

My husband and I bought a house over a year ago now but we are still working on's been a never ending process. The house itself is old with exposed beams, hardwood floors throughout, decorative molding and brick walls so it feels important to be true to the character in the design of each room. Because of that, I have been tirelessly searching for the right pieces and re-purposing furniture that we previously had using one simple item....paint! Sometimes all it takes is a quick paint job instead of buying brand new items so this is my VERY simple way to give your old furniture an easy facelift without spending very much!

1. Giddeon Gripper White Primer
2. BEHR Premium Plus White Latex Paint
3. Angled Brush Set from Home Depot
4. Canvas Drop Cloth from Tarps Plus
5. Scotch Safe-Release Painting Tape

Total Investment = $90.31 vs $239.97

Getting Started
First, you want to identify a good spot to paint and this could be a basement, garage or deck but wherever you choose, make sure you don't mind getting it dirty. I used our basement, which is a "project area" and filled with paint spots already so it was perfect for this task. Once you've got your spot, cover the ground with a blanket or tarp and then carefully line the item you are working on with painters tape to avoid paint getting onto any surfaces. Next, add your primer but don't glob it on, this should be a very light first coat to make the painting process easier

If no protective tape is necessary, simply get priming!

When your primer is on, then open and use your white latex paint to carefully brush on your first coat. Once complete, let it dry for a day and then repeat the process, adding another one or two coats (depending on the item you are painting). Don't worry about making this look perfect, that's what the final coat is for and you will be able to touch up any problem spots during that time. When applying that last coat, make sure each surface has been painted thoroughly so no dark color still shows through and then walla, let it try and you are finished! Check out my brand new (feeling) white nightstands and mirror below.

Ikea Mongstad Mirror in Black

Ikea Hemnes
Nightstand in black


  1. Such good timing! I just bought some really beat up Adirondack chairs at a thrift store ($25 for the pair) and was searching how to re-paint and salvage them. This is perfect.

    I like the idea that you can use something for years, and when you need a little room facelift just give it an update rather than re-buying in another color or look. More furniture facelift posts!

  2. Lovin this post. Great ideas and awesome outcomes.