Friday, December 4, 2015

Real vs. Deal: Pom Key Chains

I love the idea of adding additional appeal to a purse. Most bags are made to be beautiful without much help, which makes them a real accessory underdog and I like the idea of it even more because of that. Realistically, I can't buy each fabulous pom bag that catches my eye (and there were a lot that did this summer like this and this) but I can, very easily and cost effectively, transfer an accessory between each of my favorite bags to help make them look more stylish. Enter the pom key chain! There are a lot of pricey options out there like this amazing Michael Kors for $48 but I think I've found the perfect (and almost identical) steal of a deal from Merona at Target. It's regularly $9.99 but on sale for $7 right now so hurry up and grab it while you can! I also love this one from Asos and these great Etsy options from ThaiDryGoods, ElisePendants and Hautepinkfluff.

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