Friday, February 14, 2014

{DIY} Valentine's Day Candy

I love Valentine's Day but for the most unexpected reasons. My husband and I don't go out to lavish dinners or buy each other expensive gifts (we are planning on Indian and a House of Cards marathon this year) but it's nice to stop the usual bustling in life even just for a day and acknowledge the special person in your life. Since my husband loves chocolate and I have a niece and four nephews who I always send something to, I decided to make my own Valentines candy this year. After scouring Pinterest, I found some great options that I decided to try is how everything came out!

{DIY} Heart Bites

Following this simple recipe, I made my own heart candies using just white (and milk) chocolate, heart iced cube trays from Michael's and festive toppings! I even took it one step further and made mint candies just by adding some mint extract and green food coloring to the white chocolate...both kinds were delicious!

{DIY} Valentine's Fudge

I was a little weary of making fudge since I had grown up eating the best of the best in Maine but using this recipe that I found on Pinterest, it was actually an easy baking project. Instead of Strawberry, I used pink vanilla icing and although the color might throw you, it's fitting for the holiday in addition to being absolutely delicious (I promise). Lastly, I wrapped the individual pieces up in clear bags tied with festive ribbon to finish it all off!

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  1. I was wondering how you made those valentine's day goddies for E! Needless to say, PK and I ate way more than he did.