Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home Decor: White and Gold

I love white and gold separately but I really love both colors even more when they are paired together. There is something so regal about the way they compliment each other and appeal to the eye. Whatever it is, it works! I've recently thought about what white and gold pieces I can incorporate into my own home, which made me stop to wonder if others might be looking for unique and easy ways to do the same thing. This is a taste of what I found and each option allows for a simple integration of flare whether it's for entertaining, to dress up a mantle or just to add a splash of color to a chair. I am a bit biased here because the first picture is a piece from an artwork collection created by my brother-in-law but his plates are amazingly stunning each with a different gold pattern. You better believe that I will be asking for these to complete an entire wall each Christmas for many to come.

1. "From On High" Plate Artwork (prices vary) from Jed Morfit

2. Doha Pillow Cover ($75) from ChaneeVijayTextiles

3. Paper Mache bowl ($13) by Etco

4. Zigzag Serving Tray ($98) from Upintheairsomewhere

5. Scalloped Garland ($12/strand) from Stephlovesben

6. Champagne Flutes (4 for $17) from Indigo

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  1. Why I am obsessed with gold? I always hated it growing up, but I think it was relegated to gaudy gold chandeliers and synonymous with "old." You're right that it can be so regal. And, obvi, I love the Jed plate. I need to hang mine, if only my husband would unpack it. #xmasgiftexchangescore