Friday, November 15, 2013

The Look for Less: Leather

{inspiration images from pinterest}

We all love seeing what celebrities are wearing and with their endless budgets to purchase fantastic-looking wardrobes, they manage to always look chic but the truth is, that just isn't realistic for everyone. Leather pleated skirts have become a style staple lately and whether they are worn casually or for a glamorous night out, each option gives a natural edge for your everyday look. The inspiration above gives a great taste to how a leather skirt can be worn while the look for less gets you the fashion you crave for a fraction of the price.

 1.  H&M $29.95 / 2. Sheinside $21.97 / 3. Asos $32.04 / 4. ChicWish $33.92 / 5. H&M $24.95

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