Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye 20's

Today is not only Throwback Thursday but it also happens to be my Birthday and it's a big one, I am officially leaving my 20's behind. In honor of both holidays, I've decided to share a TBT picture to give you an idea of just how important amazing style has always been to me. Here it is, my idea of beach attire: mixing sporty and comfortable pieces (nice hat, right?) with something outlandish (who doesn't love heart sunglasses?)

In looking back at the years in my twenties, it turns out that they weren't always amazing so it feels nice to be entering a new decade. Here are a few things I would consider to be my major accomplishments while being a twenty-something:

1. Graduating from college
2. Being hired for my first real-life job
3. Traveling the world and just letting go while doing it
4. Fostering dogs and adopting one that makes my heart sing
5. Working really damn hard in my career
6. Marrying my college boyfriend and the love of my life
7. Buying and renovating a house (that we negotiated a great deal for, in case you were wondering)

What would you say is the most influential thing that you conquered in your twenties?